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Автор:  SAVITAR [ 30 сен 2019, 17:29 ]
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Inner mind occupies all parts of outer activity.

Transformations come from different moments of life and completely unexpectedly.

Something from inside unfolds each second. The incremental movement slides out of the laws of nature.

Unlike the mental mind, consciousness stands beyond expectations, standpoints, mental ideas.

It accomplishes its own rhythm which is hidden from comprehension by a human. Aim of it is simple. It is an alignment of all elements.

Every instant of our life, each nothing meaning moment is the grain of genuine worship for Force dedicated by
Consciousness and for Consciousness dedicated by Force.

Love is the real result of an eternal equation.

Love bears us to the underlying cause of the world.


Nothing besides God is anywhere.

In each thing is only one, it is proximity to the presence of God and understanding of Him by means of this thing.

The usual view of our life must be surrender. This is like moving across the hidden one and opened now realm in usual things.

The viable spirit of personality dissolves in something genuine silent one, but filled dense silent life.

All consciousness turns into thorough attention for following by real light which is the deepest part of any consciousness.

The world supplies us with materials for rapid learning. Circumstances are the most proper conditions for yoga.

All already given. Conditions are perfect.

The legible way is the efficient revealing of alive attention in the substance of things.

Elevations of highest forces lay in caves and in deeps of the body.

The seamless thing.

Автор:  SAVITAR [ 01 окт 2019, 13:08 ]
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There is a ratio between becoming and ascending. Following this ratio is a warranty of high protective power.

Because it is creating the condition for the highest presence in the outermost parts of adhar.

If something distracts attention from immersion in self it means that attention is far from aim.

Spatial perception is possible if although one point exists. The point begets worlds.

Any identifiable object, entity and a similar one is aware only because it has the same nature as an observer.

It resembles as if observer submerged in objects and they change by roles.

Unchangeable background of the incredibly changeable world.

All things are illuminated inwardly because there is laying their genuine source.

Each piece of the material world is similar to the divine substance literally.

Heading to self is the path of one.


Doing yoga in the body is a very specific process. It claims of mindfulness all the time.

In the standard yogic way, you should choose some direction cast away all doubts and take off your attention from all points, besides top point above mind.

This top point is a single aim. Philosophy, explanations, rituals and so on are no matters.

But here the single point is so diverse one.

The body is a manifestation of all diversity of Dynamic Brahman.

Constant observation on the embedding of forces, influences, presences, entities, etc.

It doesn't exist unimportant things, all is an extremely important one.

Demanding to be able to accommodate all around is the basis for body yoga.

This is a physical reimagining of all-around.

The material world is a uniform one regardless of visible diversity.


Andrey. Strong white light on level third chakra with ascending lines towards the top of the head.
Black spots near to kidneys. There is the presence of Mother inwardly(in the chest area).
The mind is heavy and cut off from light above. Force descends across the backward part of the head like a thin flow.


Nirakar. Strong white light above the head like a white spot. The flow of force became wider and denser.
The Mind is concentrated in an area in front of own face. The body is thin and weak, especially beneath.


Transparent. Weird changings. The inner realm in chest retreated deeply inside. Star in a circle in its forehead.
It is like a tunnel in heaven. Smth inside of you want to leave this world. Possibly, smth is scared and moreover tired.
But now, I see that your adhar became more proper for physical yoga and your legs partly transparent in top parts.
On the face is white light. I mean a chin and nose.


Nick. Free space of mind without borders in the midst. Transparency in mind amid this area.
The identity of the mind was strongly dissolved. The structure under the basis of the neck has a black color that resembles me a basalt color and substance as well.
I have the impression that all power gone and realize itself in the mental realm.
Soles have a pink color)


Things are saturating us real knowledge, doing us in touching with awareness.

Initiation is the consent to be by itself.

Автор:  SAVITAR [ 13 окт 2019, 15:35 ]
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Автор:  SAVITAR [ 19 окт 2019, 13:54 ]
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Came time, to team up with the future which was hidden in the past.

Автор:  SAVITAR [ 28 окт 2019, 11:19 ]
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The mind lets out of yourself.

God is a reflection of yours in the mirror of things.

There is only the present one which is living in the past and the future.

This flow doesn't know the end and the beginning.

The point of self changes a place and the environment only.

And it keeps on so far.

Автор:  SAVITAR [ 28 окт 2019, 18:06 ]
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We need to drink, eat, breathe by Brahman like air, food and a drink. Almost literally.

Each instant is only a limitless continuing of eternal the present.

The root of our attention, point of vision and self-feeling is massive silence, which is able to engulf everything.

The world is handled by colorful waves of consciousness. It is the language of reality.

Pain and joy have color and length of a wave.

If you are able to open your genuine vision of the environment then you will see the dance of color palette of consciousness.

And this is Brahman, the only thing.

Автор:  SAVITAR [ 29 окт 2019, 12:02 ]
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Now it is very important a new moment when you are against all inwardly yourselves and you are obliged to be out of physical doubts.

Something went unnoticed instant like a snap. But it led to a breakthrough and a new vision in self.

Therefore, the manifestation of inner structures of more high consciousness was gone after by a real transformation inside.

I look over my new world like an awakened look amid endless realms of ignorance and sleep.

Автор:  SAVITAR [ 04 ноя 2019, 11:31 ]
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Автор:  санкаршан [ 12 ноя 2019, 05:44 ]
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Автор:  санкаршан [ 12 ноя 2019, 05:49 ]
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