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Автор:  Nirakar [ 05 авг 2019, 20:35 ]
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Aleksson писал(а):
ты когда говоришь "адвайта"

Не, это ты говоришь это слово. Оно значит не-два. Т.е. кто-то должен уйти, либо Алексон, либо Бог... У Алексона шанса нет. Похоже тебя это пугает, в смысле исчезнуть.
В моем лексиконе слово "адвайта" отсутствует.

Автор:  Nirakar [ 05 авг 2019, 20:36 ]
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andryko писал(а):
Nirakar писал(а):
andryko писал(а):
каждый - либо Есть, либо вкладывает.

Ты что из этого?


либо Есть, либо вкладывает

Автор:  andryko [ 05 авг 2019, 22:18 ]
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Nirakar писал(а):
либо Есть, либо вкладывает

да не переживай ты так :-):

Автор:  Nirakar [ 06 авг 2019, 22:24 ]
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andryko писал(а):
да не переживай ты так :-):

Так и не ответил :-)

Автор:  SAVITAR [ 15 авг 2019, 10:49 ]
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The great day!

Автор:  Aleksson [ 15 авг 2019, 11:46 ]
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Автор:  SAVITAR [ 09 сен 2019, 11:48 ]
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My mind is letting out of chains of doubts.

Going after position beyond thoughts and interferences, it bears a new standpoint in spherical observation.

These things get by through mind, aren't touching the genuine standpoint of self, the center of attention.

I am setting off in a new stage of my way with extending wings and a transparent vision of the world.

It keeps on the previous itinerary on a new turn of the spiral.

Therefore, the period of the becoming in consciousness pass to finish.

The becoming one team up with dynamic force from inside and top. It touches up different parts of adhar .

But stickings with inner silence of things I can pave and predict my way exactly.

Silence turns always up, resembling me glimpses of genuine existence of the forgotten past.

The mind tries to pick out hidden from eyes an essence and cause of things.

Something inside thinks up a distorted reflection of the going process in consciousness.

This part of the mind induces me to think over such a position of things.
But vision and knowledge inwardly are knowing preciously what's going on right now.

Any talking over is a useless endeavor to get that what no matter a mean for it.

I just put off it and move ahead.

Touching a question about a looking over of current states of mind I may say,
now I own space of wide consciousness which is stretched out across the body and around.

Автор:  SAVITAR [ 23 сен 2019, 16:01 ]
Заголовок сообщения:  Re: Exploration

The feeling of Divine resembles nothing, it is the instant beyond of time.

And the quality of this experience depends on a force of absence of feeling of time. It is the key to this experience.

The presence of Presence out of time illuminates all around in one endless frame of reality, like a common background for everything.

In this state is only one an identifiable mark, it is a feeling of feeling one.

In the deep is present smth like a permanent inner consciousness beyond of qualities.

Even usual qualities in this state of consciousness are parts of this consciousness.

And it is realized by ours like smth beyond of image and description.

This consciousness is a uniformly placed in things.

The ability to be scalable by its consciousness depends upon the experience and latitude of a subject.

Fetching of this line of seeking, you get an elevation of consciousness by means of descending on level outer consciousness,
where tend to be it is hidden by useless meanings of things.

Unlike the point of our mind, this thing comes like pour intuition.

It reminds me of some breakpoints between one position and another one.

As if now it is here, but across an instant already there.


Now, the mind is filled of intuition and it moves on rapidly and confidently, beholding of wide spatial areas.

The proximity of Brahman is the more evident one as if smth material and touchable.

The mind obstructs any intention, but the mind which is opened to intuition, like a bird in time of flight.

Автор:  SAVITAR [ 24 сен 2019, 11:54 ]
Заголовок сообщения:  Re: Exploration

I revealed and managed to fetch state in which doesn't exist a difference in approaches to yoga rules anymore.

Any moment of life allows being in an ideal position every instant. Before it was more in theory, but now it is fact.

Usual consciousness resembles of cutting smth off. Smth beyond of the flow of life.

Need to be able to embed yourself to the flow and being in the moment.

It is not a consent to do smth. It reminds movement from point to point.

As if everything in me aligns at the moment.

The beginning and the finish differ each other by the ration of time in which you are able to be like a part of One.

It is not elevating until the top point of us. It discovers ourselves there where it is.

It keeps on. Inner things submerge into outer things and boundaries are dissolving.

The unchangeable thing discovers yourself anywhere.

The key to the equation of the human being is an issue of time.

In human psychics, it reveals like losing the point of self-presence in all things.

Автор:  SAVITAR [ 26 сен 2019, 13:43 ]
Заголовок сообщения:  Re: Exploration

Virtually, all things around reflect in consciousness like objects which were created our perception in that view as they perceive by us.

Putting on these numerous appearances, it seems such understandable.

Mostly, it is the reaction of safety. An only prepared mind is able to withstand this automatical reaction.

Borders of our jail are invincible and rigid one.

State out of time was tied with sounding of mantra and now mantra generates this state there where mantra sounds.

Obsessive thoughts, wishes, and movements in different areas of adhar quit at once as the only mantra starts to sound.

This state literally devours the usual mind resembling smth like space of density of sat.

I have some hardships with it because close people don't prepare for it.

Observing of persons from time to time I understand that each one on yoga way is the dare for others.

Inner vibration in yogin annihilates not only different states of the yogin, but similar states in surrounding people around him.

This spread takes place constantly. Comfortable zone nearby yogin impossible. Yogin is the bearer of the plague.

Because I should take it and fix up these influences again and again. The work imbues in others.

No matter, it is consciously or not. Between bodies, don't exist borders.

The mind tries to divide all around into small pieces for safe feeling one, but so it loses a possibility to find self.


The whole mass of light descends here like some world of transparent white light.

Pression in the body when the force is descended not always it is resistance. Now I see it is an attempt to get a shape.
It is like customization of force-consciousness.

This is getting up every day, like need to be more than yesterday.

I feel a sense as if I am in the temple and my adhar is the temple where the light set up like god.

The spacious world is set inside.

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