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Автор:  Nirakar [ 05 авг 2019, 20:35 ]
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Aleksson писал(а):
ты когда говоришь "адвайта"

Не, это ты говоришь это слово. Оно значит не-два. Т.е. кто-то должен уйти, либо Алексон, либо Бог... У Алексона шанса нет. Похоже тебя это пугает, в смысле исчезнуть.
В моем лексиконе слово "адвайта" отсутствует.

Автор:  Nirakar [ 05 авг 2019, 20:36 ]
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andryko писал(а):
Nirakar писал(а):
andryko писал(а):
каждый - либо Есть, либо вкладывает.

Ты что из этого?


либо Есть, либо вкладывает

Автор:  andryko [ 05 авг 2019, 22:18 ]
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Nirakar писал(а):
либо Есть, либо вкладывает

да не переживай ты так :-):

Автор:  Nirakar [ 06 авг 2019, 22:24 ]
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andryko писал(а):
да не переживай ты так :-):

Так и не ответил :-)

Автор:  SAVITAR [ 15 авг 2019, 10:49 ]
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The great day!

Автор:  Aleksson [ 15 авг 2019, 11:46 ]
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Автор:  SAVITAR [ 09 сен 2019, 11:48 ]
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My mind is letting out of chains of doubts.

Going after position beyond thoughts and interferences, it bears a new standpoint in spherical observation.

These things get by through mind, aren't touching the genuine standpoint of self, the center of attention.

I am setting off in a new stage of my way with extending wings and a transparent vision of the world.

It keeps on the previous itinerary on a new turn of the spiral.

Therefore, the period of the becoming in consciousness pass to finish.

The becoming one team up with dynamic force from inside and top. It touches up different parts of adhar .

But stickings with inner silence of things I can pave and predict my way exactly.

Silence turns always up, resembling me glimpses of genuine existence of the forgotten past.

The mind tries to pick out hidden from eyes an essence and cause of things.

Something inside thinks up a distorted reflection of the going process in consciousness.

This part of the mind induces me to think over such a position of things.
But vision and knowledge inwardly are knowing preciously what's going on right now.

Any talking over is a useless endeavor to get that what no matter a mean for it.

I just put off it and move ahead.

Touching a question about a looking over of current states of mind I may say,
now I own space of wide consciousness which is stretched out across the body and around.

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