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Автор:  SAVITAR [ 07 май 2019, 14:01 ]
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Yesterday, i felt special vibration in my breast, something like white area in which i saw and felt presence of Mother, White Force.

And force descended deeply, straight in my hips.

There was transparency and light of consciousness.

Silence filled my adhar how silent presence of Mother.

Waves of love and delight grabbed my mind. It was something special.

Pain became a touching of God. Brahman was everywhere like substance of the world.

Now, a white expanse fills my consciousness like basic for myself.

I became very sensitive to motion of latitude going from inner world.

Here is something like water for growing great inner light which is our inner and eternal inhabitant.

Music of Sunil opened secrets and whole worlds descend for a becoming into me.

In hands of Mother i birth in the world who is only ecstatic Brahman.


Voice of Mother attracts to new shores where i can become by the one who is the scalding delight of God.

I see that all around is only He. Ugly people, evil and death, even these things are only Thou, that who stands behind.

The being is imbued that consciousness, like mind grabbed by dream.

His power is like huge gold-white waves in which i sink and again he picks up me and brings in unknown and incandescent world.

Body is overseeing and waiting for Him in hope to be stolen by God.

Автор:  SAVITAR [ 11 май 2019, 11:52 ]
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Couple days ago was the becoming of descending force on level of breast till solar plexus.

Its new feeling like some absolutely physical feeling in body. Moreover i can operate him.

Before similar state i had on level head, but now new part of body is opened for me.

And yet, i became to listen recall from inner area to be silent, constantly. It's like necessity,
it's like main condition for yoga in body and real descending of force such quality like that.

Feeling of this force like something heavy and dense one. Power in physical area.

Density, but alive and conscious.

Автор:  SAVITAR [ 12 май 2019, 15:48 ]
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Becoming of force on some level is such state when you are able to feel presence of mothering force constantly like basic state.

A bit weird to feel such intensified motion in my breast as if a physical flow.

Before i felt attempts to install this state, but obviously, my adhar in this part wasn't ready to it.

Next aim for mothering force is third center. Yesterday i felt there a some concentration of force and interesting vibrations.

After descending to breast, rhythm of force have been taking on a big velocity of the motion.

Автор:  SAVITAR [ 14 май 2019, 18:09 ]
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Consciousness begin to deepen in beholding of wide white reality that is surrounded of us.

As if it accomplishes a some inner turn of self-development.

A lot of features of governing of mind are opening constantly.

Some parts of mind when they show their aspects in parts of body have some moment for connection.

And here lies our chance for cognition of these processes.

Needing to consider all motions of consciousness aside from body reactions.

So to speak in pure view.

Because pure conscious vibration in body mixes with some body filter and real vibration obtains view of reflection.

There is need to get true knowledge how function of our consciousness apart from body.

Real experience can be in usual consciousness without state of trance or deep dream.

Moreover, i find it more impressive than in trance.

Doesnt exist state in which yoga become is impossible.

Regularly, i have been having perfect mantra meditation in transport when i am in very strong and light state straight among people.

All usual functions of life i make for single action of force and concentration in relax for getting of state of Divine One.

Автор:  SAVITAR [ 17 май 2019, 17:49 ]
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Автор:  SAVITAR [ 18 май 2019, 11:53 ]
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Full concentration on The Mother, her Vibration and Latitude is single condition and necessity for yoga.

It gives sweet feeling of filled space around and waves of light.

After descending of Force on level breast, there began some type of broadening like blooming of something alive and pure one.

Some source of joy, almost delight.

Sometimes, some part of my mind considers some objects, even humans and as if scan them.
While, i dont see why. But it is.

Автор:  SAVITAR [ 19 май 2019, 13:25 ]
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Yesterday, in meditation, i felt something new in top of mind.

Its able to be out of feeling of body and usual personality. Some point in top of consciousness.

This point gives possibility to launch process of go out from conglomerate usual human perception.


When force is descending in parts of adhar, i feel how to change feeble feelings on my lips, chicks, hands.
How different vibrations start to be opened their unknown feeling of self-perception.

Also, came up a feel of descending to down through into the body.

Absolute void in deep of consciousness.

Автор:  SAVITAR [ 21 май 2019, 13:11 ]
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Progress inside consciousness goes on quite speedy.

I would say that the inner performing of some inner plan has a tendency to increase velocity.

Insistently, central will goes on to push all structure of consciousness to Great Presence of Eternal Silence.

The wretched personality who is my outer and visible shell is engulfed by it step by step.

From this part of nature and mind requires inner obedience and all. Because Force is invincible in her movement.

Nothing can't be able to withstand her.

My mind got the ability to be out of the standard actions of the mental field.

It is like some feature of peering to an unknown point which is feeling out of mathematics space.

This ability birth inwardly and has qualities of silent space consciousness.

Also, after this opening came one very interesting feeling.

I mean some being filled of light and a bit more than me and out of my visible body`s borders.

As if the being presides above me from the top and the latitude.

I am only less part of him. I feel it.


Today, absolutely coincidentally, I got a feeling of delight in cells.

It was the very evident flow to up as if a lot of dots in the delight were swayed in their ascending act to up.

It repeated a lot of times, quite evidently.

Force and Silence were descending from the top above my head and at the time, a lot of cells(dots) in the delight endeavored to up.

It was immensely in those places where it was.

Автор:  SAVITAR [ 02 июн 2019, 15:02 ]
Заголовок сообщения:  Re: Exploration


Basilica di Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari, Venezia

Beholding of Brahman in the Catholic church.

Автор:  SAVITAR [ 15 июн 2019, 17:44 ]
Заголовок сообщения:  Re: Exploration

The Force descends like some a density in my body. This feeling induces different reactions from parts of the physical body,
such as a pressure in breast, throat, neck, and head.

The first time, I felt touching to solar plexus like a presence of massive density there.

The mind tries to justify different motions and to see this in usual light, but another mind which is appeared like something new one absolutely,

moves through different objects how the highest intuition is able to see all around like the eye of pure vision.

His regard penetrates in things and finds there space.

Different things proceed without some sense, like something in itself. Moreover, all things are the thing in itself.

The main thing, I started to feel how obsolescence in details is weaving our reality.

Every instant is the bygone instant right now. The awareness doesn't catch of velocity of God and because we lose reality in a moment.

The main feature of the mind is the function of comparative. But perception reality based on the instant without memory.

And here hid real the key from the true cognition of true process in the world.

The thinking mind is incapable of aware of this thing.

He seeks an intelligible explanation there where it is impossible.

The verbiage is our current reality for many centuries in any epochs.


Only one thing needs for a seeker, it is resonance with the force like a dot of silence without space.

The memory is the keeper of time and space, a slave of death. Poetry, but it is a fact.

How to get such a state, where two sides are simultaneously in us,
the memory of the visible world and the immortality of eternal consciousness?

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