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Автор:  SAVITAR [ 19 янв 2019, 16:07 ]
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Автор:  SAVITAR [ 06 фев 2019, 16:51 ]
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Huge descending of force going on into heart area. Here, force is heavy and dense.

Mostly this descending of force somehow ties with resistance of parts of ancient consciousness.

Our body is smth unique if we will be regard him how consciousness only.

It implies full reconstruction our approaches to all in usual actions.

Because, doesnt exist things which are not important and small. Body is like big enigma, treasure for soul.

I try to converge different views on world to one point and to one view.

Feelings is language of consciousness. Feelings is reflection of processes reflected in mind.

Автор:  SAVITAR [ 15 фев 2019, 17:14 ]
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Consciousness in deeps of body begins to appear itself.

It came up after descending of force from the summit of head.

Now, it going on pace down into the body.

Different threads of vibrations of usual background of body-mind stand in front of me.

In it hidden great puzzle in which is deciphers our nature.

Consciousness of whiteness penetrates in all parts of body.

There, originates different flows of vibrations and discovers our hopeness.

Great presence let to touch to self.

Body sounds like universe with feeling of vast space of silent immobility.

I see huge blaze eyes which are observed unthinkable things around us.

Every human is vessel for this light only.

World begins to depart in great adventure. Time for changings is coming.

Nobody can avoid this. Its destiny and hour of God.

Автор:  SAVITAR [ 20 фев 2019, 14:57 ]
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I feel transparency of my adhar, especially in the top. This feeling is broader, slightly wider than visible physical shell of body.

I see all value of silence for mind and immobility for body. Its single true condition for real work.

Consciousness is not only that what you must open, but that one what you must create again.

Now, came up a need to be in full silence, alone. Some inner parts reload and regain of true states.

Wave of Force from the top above head became to act more hidden, as if real sense of these actions must be hidden.

Now, the choice of human has special role in simple life. From it depends on future action.

But possibly, reality is simpler.

Colorful waves penetrate all parts of world, i see it now.

World is the miracle, even than when the dark conquered all hearts and bodies.

Автор:  SAVITAR [ 21 фев 2019, 12:48 ]
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Its a view of atoms. Real shot picture.

This view coincides with description of Mother in Agenda.

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