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Автор:  SAVITAR [ 19 янв 2019, 16:07 ]
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Автор:  SAVITAR [ 06 фев 2019, 16:51 ]
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Huge descending of force going on into heart area. Here, force is heavy and dense.

Mostly this descending of force somehow ties with resistance of parts of ancient consciousness.

Our body is smth unique if we will be regard him how consciousness only.

It implies full reconstruction our approaches to all in usual actions.

Because, doesnt exist things which are not important and small. Body is like big enigma, treasure for soul.

I try to converge different views on world to one point and to one view.

Feelings is language of consciousness. Feelings is reflection of processes reflected in mind.

Автор:  SAVITAR [ 15 фев 2019, 17:14 ]
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Consciousness in deeps of body begins to appear itself.

It came up after descending of force from the summit of head.

Now, it going on pace down into the body.

Different threads of vibrations of usual background of body-mind stand in front of me.

In it hidden great puzzle in which is deciphers our nature.

Consciousness of whiteness penetrates in all parts of body.

There, originates different flows of vibrations and discovers our hopeness.

Great presence let to touch to self.

Body sounds like universe with feeling of vast space of silent immobility.

I see huge blaze eyes which are observed unthinkable things around us.

Every human is vessel for this light only.

World begins to depart in great adventure. Time for changings is coming.

Nobody can avoid this. Its destiny and hour of God.

Автор:  SAVITAR [ 20 фев 2019, 14:57 ]
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I feel transparency of my adhar, especially in the top. This feeling is broader, slightly wider than visible physical shell of body.

I see all value of silence for mind and immobility for body. Its single true condition for real work.

Consciousness is not only that what you must open, but that one what you must create again.

Now, came up a need to be in full silence, alone. Some inner parts reload and regain of true states.

Wave of Force from the top above head became to act more hidden, as if real sense of these actions must be hidden.

Now, the choice of human has special role in simple life. From it depends on future action.

But possibly, reality is simpler.

Colorful waves penetrate all parts of world, i see it now.

World is the miracle, even than when the dark conquered all hearts and bodies.

Автор:  SAVITAR [ 21 фев 2019, 12:48 ]
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Its a view of atoms. Real shot picture.

This view coincides with description of Mother in Agenda.

Автор:  SAVITAR [ 04 мар 2019, 13:54 ]
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I got method and example how to do of supramental yoga.

Fatigue, pain, tension, any feelings of body area are smth special for explorations.

Here i see abilities and path to approach of future.

I made row of experiments with body and going on it now and i can speak that body differ from other parts of adhar only our opinion about him.

Indeed, our approach to body practically its smth unshakable one. And in it hides the most big lack.

Hard to believe that practice with body is such as with mind and vital areas. But its so.

I count that we dont have time for long path to up when path to down is opened.

White-blue sun under soles is governing center for body.

Gold sun above head is that place from where we came.

But now our path lays to the eighth sun.


Recipe for obtaining of silence.

To get some space in itself like space of void and always you need to hold attention here.

It dissolves all mental and vital processes.

This space will be grow up, more and more like smth alive one.

Автор:  SAVITAR [ 22 мар 2019, 13:12 ]
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I didnt know how walk up to body. There is a lot of sources how to do this, but indeed it doesnt work.

I was forced to find something absolutely new one for me, for my cognition and vision.

Once , i saw usual sun how source of inner light, usual wind how action of inner Vayuyu.

There is mutual tie among all things including outer.

Couple things i can specify now, that was definitive for me.

First of all, its my new relate to feelings of body. All feelings are a deception, fully.

I mean that they are smth outer for body like thoughts for our mind, the same.

I became to feel that my body like new opening part of consciousness, which starts to open eyes.

Consciousness in whole became like inner world in which my attention discovers more sense then somewhere else.

One week ago i touched to new phenomenon in discovering of myself,
it is actions of feelings which are like great waves of conscious, alive vibrations.

Also, in my silence was birthed joy of substance of my consciousness.

Автор:  SAVITAR [ 26 мар 2019, 13:51 ]
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I see doubts among people whom following for Sri Aurobindo. But this is true sign that a main changes come.

We used to react to any physical feelings as on disorder in usual structure. In it hides key for way of liberation.


Tongue of body is action, literally. A pain try to save usual shape and type of mind, but it is defence from flow of light.

Spells in body is true, absolutely. It's complicated in initial period to react so, as if it doesn't come about.

Автор:  SAVITAR [ 10 апр 2019, 10:56 ]
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The body must go way to both suns, where the both wil be become the one.

The power which is descending force from highest point of consciousness descends in body.

Part of body by part of body opens to Mother force.

Brahman extends anywhere. All things are the one parts of Brahman.

The pain is main defender of this physical order. Its dress of body of death.

Endlessly big one its touching of true nature.

Every instant as if a drop of great descending in the body. The body is true aim of transformation, because only here Reality find of self.

Immobility is our key to real way in yoga. Only this thing always follow beside with ours.

The flow is first touching of the gold sun, it descends in my body like the power of latitude.

The pain and tension are response on this touching in body. But there, in body i see and feel response to it.

Whole body moves on to the gold sun.

Far below under the legs i feel big incandescent surface of white-blue sun.

But while, this sun saves his silence and immobile.

Force of gold sun must achieve first and second levels wholly and dissolve all reactions in touch with the past in nature.

After it, flow of white-blue sun can awake towards to sun up.

All physical reactions and feelings come up like small hints for seekers.

There where seems that nothing exists, there is genuine field for the divine work.

The body is divine child expecting of beginning for moving to self.

There is couple hints for more exact understanding of methods this work.

I mean such simple things like the bulk of physical consciousness and typical reactions in it.

We must dig straight here like miner in cleft of the great hill.

This place is the gift from the Gods, were great forces were hided.

On first stage can learn our outer mind to perceive all reactions in physical one like waves going from side from outer areas.

Method is like work with mental mind or vital.

Simultaneously with it, must work personal mantra like a huge drill. This method is working. Its so.


Now, i dig way to third level where force accumulates and the pressure grows up.

Mind became to see better in silent state of meditation, it occurs in any situation.

Doesnt matter what acting going on right now, silent mind is like sea without waves.

Sexual impulse became like smth silent and immobile. Now, this part of nature its in process big transformation.

Taste from it going away, practically fully.

Very interesting experiments with legs. Here i observe different reactions tied with pain or disorders,
but feeble reaction from my consciousness and pain is annihilated.

This bulk of body-consciousness is free from pain, all painful reactions are went from side.

Naturally, these reactions can go to the body because body is body of death. The body tuned on the perceiving of pain and disorders.

For changing of such state of things two poles of consciousness accomplish transformation of substance or
replacement of body on an another body. While its opened issue.

Автор:  SAVITAR [ 06 май 2019, 12:38 ]
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The being became like space of white light with center somewhere around of head.

Force of Mother descends like a solid flow from top of over head.

I continue work with body and perception of body by consciousness.

Its expressed in relation to different perceptions on level body in which i feel only waves from universal field.

Also, mind learnt to be out of identity with thoughts, feelings and vibrations.

Moreover, now i realize such state of mind where is only endless sphere of presence of Self.

And this thing growing up constantly, like something alive.

I was undergo different attacks from vital worlds such as gluttony.

I got a straight direction how to do and how to relate to ties between things in usual life.

Small things, something unimportant for us its more significant than we suppose.

Great fabric of reality weaves and birth in details.

Great deals, politic are only trap for mind. There is not the key to cognition of self.

The most small thing bears in itself huge solution for us.

There is force, great Mother who control by world.

Her actions are such wide, as if something spread out through all things.

The latitude is main quality in mothering force in current time.

I feel it in environment atmosphere, always and anywhere.

Feeling of Self is one from basic vibrations which works in the world.

Vibration is state of consciousness. Its like dynamic cast of temporal immortality.

The limpidity is method on this path.

When you is feeled in such state even than pain of physical body can became illusion and to be dissolved as if its never exist.

I had these experiences a lot times, every day. And it continues.


Second center become transparent and quite. Force is descending there.

Immobility, latitude and transparency are triple quality of true consciousness.

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