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Автор:  anatoliy [ 05 ноя 2018, 14:29 ]
Заголовок сообщения:  Re: Exploration

Слова о Супраментале в принципе это просто слова лишь о механизме или инструменте в этом движении , инструмент лишь более Совершенный чем Ум , так как видит всё в связи с Единым и действует поэтому без ошибок , он не делает выводов и не принимает решений ... вот Он \ а это уже Пуруша Супраментальный , связь с которым нужно найти или просто Строить \ знает как эти нижайшие Уровни и можно развернуть , ведь там эти создания постоянно чертыхаются - сегодня они Красные , завтра Белые , а вчера были ничьи или под батькой Махно .... Шри Ауробиндо сказал и сделал практически Всё об этом , лишь один ключ для меня и это Он . Ни надо считать года для этой реализации , это ведь Его Замысел ...

Автор:  anatoliy [ 05 ноя 2018, 15:02 ]
Заголовок сообщения:  Re: Exploration

Возможно то что опишу , для кого то будет байка или трёп ... некогда на Ближнем Востоке была Школа , возраст её был тысячи лет , тысячи лет Знания , символ который впоследствии использовал Шри Ауробиндо , сопряжение квадрата и круга в центре лотос - их символ . В Истории то что их вело несло Имя - Осирис Изида , на звёздном небе Орион и Сириус ... греки касаясь этого и переводя это на законы рассудка и логики построили школы Неоплатоников и Гностиков ...\ кстати в Риши Агастья и Лопамудра символизируют те же созвездия \ , одним из самых известных последователей был Исус .Когда с этим коснулся император Константин , то увидел , что учение не было жестким и не ложилось рамки римского права и для того что бы его туда впихнуть - кастрировали всё что можно ... Вот так вот , как бы не грустно было , но попытки подарить возможность Земле найти путь к Единому продолжаются всю историю человечества , вся разница лишь в том что нынче айпады и Майкрософт с гуглом в купе с демократией построили некую иллюзию очередного движения к эволюции . Скрывать не буду , именно упомянутые Имена привели меня к ША , да и сам Шри Ауробиндо это знал , у него есть стих о падении Греха , коротко как всегда и Емко , как мог сказать только лишь Он . Пока и желаю Вам Удачи ребята

Автор:  SAVITAR [ 07 ноя 2018, 15:20 ]
Заголовок сообщения:  Re: Exploration

Getting of conclusions from a life lessons takes a place every moment.
Exists resistance on different levels, but even they are only indicators on straight way among of unknown forest.

Derives smth new one from usual one. Need to prohibit imposing by some elements in us, and not to be in captivity of illusions and spells.
Obtrusion is the most evident thing which is laying on surface of our conduct.
Coming across with either some issue of behavior or unconscious acting, need to be in state of immobility beyond of impact obscure mind.
In some instant this question can become the most global, because this issue is question of safety and possibility to move ahead.

I implored God to be to me more condescending, but he was smiled in answer.
Meanwhile, my inner elements of adhar became more promoted to the light and i discovered that God is me who suffers my sufferings and get joy by my delight.
I relied on him and He came up inside, how that what was there always. I arrange with him not part never.

World around and inside is his substance, body of God, One reality who imbues me. He is The catcher who found me amid diversity of the alone world.

Great attaining to be in his hands. To be penetrated by his power. To be flying amid the deepest space which is basic of cosmic life.

I feel engagement even then when i observe petrified faces of dead spaces of closed inner realms.

The whisper dont sleep, his work and necessity to be with me how smth rambling rattle.

Not weary from it, i take any motion how a touching of The One.

I suppose that for Him been hard coped with me, but he is smiling only and his laughter rattles among tops above of my head.

Everyone is only implement of his calm and great will. Implementation realizes so, how smth that is moving beyond of time.

Concise cognition of surrounded things befalls aptly and dont requires of time.

Acquiring that what is hidden out of bound of mind and usual perception is one from tasks of this will.
Tend to be, getting of some true treasures from the deep, takes certain time and come then when light became a native one.

It implies whole row of conditions, those ones guess in that, what seems things absolutely usual.


Force concentrated along spinal cord how the mass of particular density. There, i feel calm presence of being which is smth without movement.
In the top of head, space opened in latitude of infinity above.
Thousands of vibrations like the one chorus, ruttle in one aspiration.
Feeling one wave in which merged numerous controversial actions and perceptions.

And deep silent immobility became fact.

Автор:  SAVITAR [ 08 ноя 2018, 16:19 ]
Заголовок сообщения:  Re: Exploration

If all regard of all bulk of body like one flow of cells then can get one vibration of feeling.

In such state of body need to induce one movement of smth like a slip through static feeling of usual perception of body.

In that state is possible to get a response from body and feel certain motion up.
And then by means of this practice, body starts answer on touching of conscious will.

Tend to be, issue about difference between different feelings such as sound, pain, tension, taste and smell is absolutely
laying beyond of true understanding what they are instead.
That, what perceives different types of feelings determines, how human perception experience these things.

Seeing difference, what is only reflection construction of our part of body, realizes possible to find a facility how influences on it.

At this point that all feelings are only one in their root, becomes possible to feel all these feelings how
the same things that is in that view before translation across our perception.

It let to unite all types of perceptions and transform their in one type of feeling.
It needs for possibility of contact with real parts of body.
Recently, i managed to get such response from body.

This one bulk seemed smth mute one like smth alive, but unknown one and very curious.
As if some being in that area where is usual feeling of body.

Usually, this acting requires time to tune itself on new rhytme.
The base of such tuning is immobility thank of that appears such state of body consciousness.

Body has inborn feeling of effortlessness in it. As if body is smth one and whole one.

I feels thousands particles which are smth like huge bulk.
My look splinters usual appearance of body and seeks there smth new and responsive one.

How revokes first view and give a chance to second?
This stuff still is in way. And how overpass him, while i don't have a answering.

I derive results when i dig by my sight in self.

I exploit time due to that, that he made from me his hostage, clothing me in veil of temporariness.
Compelling fact is that that i see, but it is warranty from illusion and simultaneously it is ideal implement of illusion.
Highest spell of this reality.

Common sense compels all humans to be in circle of obviousness, but solution lay out of it.

The liberation need to seek in that what can seem abnormal even for yoga.

Автор:  SAVITAR [ 09 ноя 2018, 12:29 ]
Заголовок сообщения:  Re: Exploration

All perceptions can turn into in sound.

This induces great consolidation, dissolve feeling of time and starts to transform the fatigue in some new quality.

Today i met with that what is now turned out up inside. The being, that moves and lives parallel with usual one.

I feel delight going from him. It as if, it is spread of wings, as if grows in latitude.


Ability to be a sound is the key to response from body-feeling.

Set the sign of equal between sound and any feelings.

Moreover, even vision, colors around , all of it is a sound, literally.

Shapes can be smelled. The smell can sound and have a shape.


Any physical needs, absolutely ordinary and not important are waves of sounds, as if overgrown spikes of mixed up of perceptions.

Long stripes which are pulled ahead in infinity via of all shapes.


After a while, THAT, what we call God, starts answering.

Wild delight, joy from deep cave of allegedly empty space.

All around is this substance, physically and consciousness starts to touch to it.

Автор:  SAVITAR [ 10 ноя 2018, 15:32 ]
Заголовок сообщения:  Re: Exploration

Now i know how succeed to be on the way by small wins.

Drop by drop, first implementation displace astonishment by feeble motions in level of body.

The baffle between real cognition and usual meanings about it, lays there where attention can find space of engagement between of elements.
In another case, the search will be going on lap. Small reactions of body and some elementary things of conduct give beautiful result
if you want to get that what can be applying in every instant of life.

Spacious consciousness hidden right there where our look never been before.
Seems strange that smth in usual part of mind smth dared to doubt in immutable position of laws of body.
Moreover, some part of nature observing for that starts to mourn a new situation.
Something doesnt want nothing changings and only wait for what all will become how was before.
But touching of another one reminds about himself every time.
Its like drug, if you used to it, you will doom on that destiny forever.
You can weep, but you became the prey of The Hunter.

Cautiously, without rude steps along attitude of nature, it spreads like plague.
Run if can, otherwise to open and take all, what He prepared for you.
World will never be that then he was.
Relieving from resistances, we obtain the relief from yourself.

Try to be on equal with this indescribable thing, we tangle yourself only more.
Here doesnt exist human cognition, here guides all on smth that one, what lives via any things.

Loose, without struggle, without inner resistance, like a drop of Infinity new world, consciousness discloses obvious reality how the miracle.

God will outplay nature anyway. Because nature is only his wish to be by her.

This world is great puzzle which was created how the gift for God by God. Nature is mask of God, who became a point and start to look ahead.
The look is that element in us which was first in the creation.
Thus, transformation this stuff will become that point after that can start real way and discover genuine sense all this cosmic game.

Eyes is the most responding element of consciousness and practically they tie us to such situation of things.

Even our consciousness reminds smth like a goggling self that can see only forward. Its base of usual self.

Considering it, i seek of axis of mind to which our precious self was tied.
That initial startle which was birth the first and which was opened his eyes by the first.

Real turnaround can come only then when our look become smth another, radically.

Unknown body must be a loose, finally.

Автор:  SAVITAR [ 14 ноя 2018, 14:56 ]
Заголовок сообщения:  Re: Exploration

On certain level arise a baffle between light mind and micro motions in usual mind.
The cause such changing is unknown for me. Why and how, while is inexplicable.

In some sense it is some puzzle. Considering it, i strive to minimize such influences on me.
In usual acts need to disclose causes unpredictable turns to back. If smth responds on it, then it means that my adhar open to it.

It induces a some tangle in the being and certain lose of time. Pleasingly, that some part of mind see such changes and stays in right state of mind.
While, i cant attain such state of consciousness where my attention will be consonant to inner deep silence.
But undoubtedly, its issue of time.

Some things move without some logical explanations in nature and implement some part of work, nature of that i dont understand in whole.
Drop by drop, light mind copes with such splashes of mechanical nature.
By means of deep presence inside i can realize my promotion ahead without some insisted plan with side of mental will.

And because, deriving of lessons from it i speak thank of that what push me to visible mistakes.
Quite possible, my vision rely on own solutions and inner smell, but sometimes i must get hits in there where my nature to be in state of dream.
It relieves me from structured illusions that is inside.

Some things can startle some part of mind and my ideas. But a startle change comprehension of causes of it.
A startle, a fear indicates on weakness of some part of nature.
Such form of indicator signifies only kind of a implement and all.
In it doesnt exist smth personal, its only method how to deliver possibility of promotion in a way and to get a relief from weakness.

I engage with those reactions every day and see that personal will of some a being is some not important.
Personality as interface of communication is such as we estimate it. Here not exist adverse will how we regard it.

With one side the urgency is hint on outer attack some will and presence of another being,
but with ideal position all activity must be in regime of urgency that is flows in silence of force.
It implies such state of mind where doesn't exist place for either hesitations or opinions.
Only straight way as a ray with diverse particles in structure.

Usually, mind imposes on seeker some rules, some predispositions,
but after, seeker find that all of it been only for that in order to he can disclose, that nothing, never not interfere in his matters.
When this knowledge have been becoming smth natural for him, smth bigger penetrates in adhar and conquers him forever.

It means that he succeeded in his matter and moves in right direction.

In reality, it can come across absolutely occasionally, without wish or inner will.
Possibly, God makes some gifts for different souls. Perhaps, its the grace of God.

I suspect that God more irrational than we suppose. Not always loose will of soul is engine of process of yoga.
Sometimes, its only a whim of God.

He urges that soul that for him somehow it is needed. Possibly, on the tree of souls, some soul turn out with side of Sun.
And because, this soul is doomed to be awakening in physical life.

Always, God outplays any from us. Because, we are his a hope to be diversity.

Автор:  SAVITAR [ 15 ноя 2018, 12:55 ]
Заголовок сообщения:  Re: Exploration

Consistent attempts doing smth in direction taking off some drawbacks induce resistance on all levels of physical mind.

Emerging without some need to be, they going on follow some inner programme in which need of changes is absent.

So, it can continue quite long and resistance not lose in force. Somehow, it could be remove by means of acting of mantra.

But such movement causes active will in usual mind and therefore this action cant be recomended to applying.

Alternative way is that where will be following to state of loose mind in which an action would be only reflection smth inner state.

According state of mind where the light is base of structure, growing mind can get of real impetus to global change in usual one.

Yesterday, i got some glimpses from such state, when in time of my walking i managed to catch such state of mind
in which all physical structure was imbued by genuine silence.

In that situation i felt that namely that part of mind which was observing for physical in the moment, was drawback.

Some unripe part into attentive mind is obstacle more than some hardships in physical mind.

The force pointed out on it. Actually, in there is real obstacle in structure perceiving of itself.

That state was lasted quite long, while, some attention was perceived him.

That one exists always in that place and view, how it can be perceived in any instant of time.

Feeling that in his nature is present of state of sat. That Sat which is that what exist above all shells and in all levels of adhar.

Deafening effect was created by usual life which is combination of numerous impacts on field of instrumental consciousness.
This stuff hides all other and see only self. It looks some small octopus with big tentacles.

Identification with this part of instrumental mind gives all hardships in attaining of genuine state.

Usually, i summon power of force and at once achieve calm coasts of silence.
Sat has ability to dissolve all drawbacks in state of consciousness, in a flash.

In current moment, numerous resistances highlighted in strictly certain areas of activity.
Especially, it observes in communication with anyone.

I noticed that usual mind is in some afraid state, constantly. And this touches anyone. Its like the base of this type of mind.

Physical mind estimates any contact with anyone like an attack and a danger.
Turning off such principle of contact is very important for shifting of attitude in this mind.

I have impression that physical mind is packed some mud and only.
Possibly, his role lay only that in order to check force of genuine experience of seeker out.
I dont see another explanation his useful mission for yoga.

Being weaved from fear and startle, this part of mind has some curious element,
but this element is directed to negative reactions of perception.

As for work with it, i see only mantra and to be a state of sat, as long as possible.

Автор:  SAVITAR [ 17 ноя 2018, 14:11 ]
Заголовок сообщения:  Re: Exploration

I encountered with smth new in type of influence on mind.

When mind makes good progress attaining new one in usual one, he gets new fields of cognition and acting.

And so been, while, new and adverse force in root not arised there where was conquered drawback in old key.

This type of influence reversed all former achievements and showed that now game and struggle will be another.

In area of physical and thin-physical minds exists influence something absolutely hostile one and quite smart, but in his root lays cruelty and pure evil.

This consciousness invaded in part of my mind and tortured him. It was a new, absolutely. Not rude force with that i used to deal before it.

All dedications were revoked. And this poor part of mind was left without some defence one on one with this cruel and smarty being.

Torture was very powerful and exquisite in some perverted sense.
Attack was built on falsehood, but force of convincing was truly strong and overwhelming.
My mind in that area felt big sufferings, until, turn out some yellow light in the deep of being.
And from there arose drop of resistance against this hostile force and consciousness.

Appeared a thread which was joined all levels of mind and spells of this adverse personality began to fall down.

Thank of wholeness of my being this quite strange influence was overpassed.

But i saw now, that achievement of some progress in yoga induces more strong forces, those i didnt encounter before.

Our consciousness imprisons. Personalities, who save this state indestructible, they are more powerful than it can seem.


We can rely on immobility when something come into. Because, level of deceit of these forces are absolutely overwhelming.

Any thought even that what seems very wise is only trap of these forces. Because, structure of thoughts,
their nature consists from matrix of this force which is feeling of fatality.

Trying to overcome it doesnt have an any sense.
To be something another one, regarding any activity and states of mind, its the best approach for work here.

Our force lays in dissolving and annulling any influences from any sources.


Objects swim in ocean of space of presence and in here, in gaps between objects and across them flows genuine force.

Our personality is a swirl in this ocean. As if a crease on surface of flawlessness.

This swirl takes view of separation and at once come fatality like a result of separate personality.


Inner visionary in us follows something the genuine, even then when he forced to be a blind, abiding by rules of cosmic game.

Автор:  SAVITAR [ 18 ноя 2018, 17:08 ]
Заголовок сообщения:  Re: Exploration

My congratulations Puranand!



Once in Agenda, Mother mentioned about unknown terrain in which she was. And now i found it.

Interesting things befall without some preparing straight in usual life.

I found and realized one absolutely revolutionary method work with thoughts.

And this one gave me right a entrance to the unknown terrain.

The main thing, not vindicate old approaches to something. Important only that what is important in a moment.

On this pages i lead my personal blog practically, without claims on final truth.
Frequently, my current viewpoint contradicts previous one, but its normal, it means that process is alive.

When we look at a thought we perceive comprehension with some visual view from inner vision.
We try to get either some calm area or to separate mind or to obtain calm mind in generally.

And all of this is absolutely right acts for yoga.

But there is something else. If you pass through shell of thought and start to perceive structure of thought,
you will acquire state of silence which is substance of all things.

The main thing, not understand thought, his content, the main thing is either to see or to feel or simultanously both states of feelings,
so, perception of structure is more priority than content of thought. Its hard to explain, but it works so how i wrote.


As a rule, simple solutions lay on surface our cognition and when pass through these comprehensions arise possibility to see objects how they are.

This stuff, i mean a inner distinction, appears then when seeker is available to get skill to live in usual as a inner one.

It's not a rant, its fact, that is realized by me.


Anyplace, all things are perfection of expression of Him. Its miracle. Genuine miracle.

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