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Автор:  SAVITAR [ 26 сен 2018, 13:44 ]
Заголовок сообщения:  Re: Exploration

Yesterday, i walked up to deciding one interesting and important problem.

Possibility of overcoming of pain in body. I made row of experiments and result have always been having one reaction.

Usually, we feel two torrents of force. That is either descending or ascending movements through body.

But there is smth else. In itself thats ascending feeling of force-consciousness, but not so how movement kundalini or smth.

Movement goes from area where is pain, you uplift this consciousness up. At once result goes in, as well.

Answering is felt at once in that place where you feel a pain.

Naturally, pain return, but in more weak view and you feel how it fades out. Its absolutely real.

I checked it up many times and always result was repeated the same.

Our mental and vital types of consciousness aspire to Light above our physical body, but key for it in such state, where body must aspire.

Exists issue how it can be do. I see it how almost visual idea on initial and when development will be grow up in this direction then turn out feeling ascending consciousness there.

Автор:  Aleksson [ 26 сен 2018, 14:30 ]
Заголовок сообщения:  Re: Exploration

key for it in such state, where body must aspire

Автор:  SAVITAR [ 27 сен 2018, 12:47 ]
Заголовок сообщения:  Re: Exploration

Pain is that element of our nature that force to us to seek deciding itself, even then when we dont want do it.

Doesnt exist appropriate solution how to do it. While all our experiments only its attempt of finding of solution.

Movement up apllies to postpone smth that doesnt decide our method eventually.

Exists smth else, that while is unknown things in this combination.

Physical body might and must move on like one movement up, but initially that's different actions that doesn't tie with each other.

Its constant work practically every instance of life when you must save attention on different movements in your body. This claims constant practice and some habit to do it.

In some viewpoint that's clarifying your consciousness when you recognize own parts of one consciousness. Because, even body that's equally that, that you call consciousness.

Engagement of these elements in smth one what its seem to be for you like you in body, its only broadening of consciousness in that borders where you are awaken from obscure mind.

In other part itself you feel yourselves like dreamer in dark dreams.

Obscure mind is real obstacle where your mind is captured in trap by itself.

But only this movement of seeking gives possibility to attain smth real.

Автор:  SAVITAR [ 28 сен 2018, 13:27 ]
Заголовок сообщения:  Re: Exploration

Even if i feel that i coped with my inner enemy and he quitted, actully it seem to be only illusion of my excessive expectation of mind.

All parts of personality that is evident or hidden , doesn't matter, have weakness to repeating that movements to which they were used to.

Because, i see how i am far away from final aim of transformation in terms of nature which claim smth else to our seeking that what is unknown for anybody.

There is tend to be some things that whisper smth on every our step. As if there are two whispers who prompt to us their tips. Its hidden will into our consciousness, which is gathered from different pieces of past evolution. These flows of forces and different voices, some presences constantly exist around and in environment atmosphere. When we see all of it, comes up wish to dissolve all of these parts of unknown conscious life which has access to us. But how?

Undoubtedly, that method which was described in one my post up is appropriate, but anyway its only stage of way, not final and not decide any problem eventually. For final deciding of problem of pain and death claim smth more radical then that.

Quite possible, will come up new methods and action of consciousness. Sure.

Now i feel plunge in layers of environment my body consciousness which shows me how it works into me right now. As ever force is present and in terms of defence i don't have some worries and doubts. Moreover, consciousness learned to act in silence inner space, exploring all around and digging into itself. Some issues with any chakras went out.

Ascending flow of body consciousness is goal for me. And straight away, i follow of it every second of my life. The consciousness of the divine is diffused in everything. It is.

Автор:  andryko [ 28 сен 2018, 22:21 ]
Заголовок сообщения:  Re: Exploration

SAVITAR писал(а):
Pain is that element of our nature that force to us to seek deciding itself, even then when we dont want do it.

Когда забыл или забил...
Приходит боль и возвращает к изначальной точке.
Ничего не помогает кроме прояснения сознания. Ясность устанавливаемая в уме и переносимая сквозь витал к телу.
Иногда требуется много времени, все зависит от того насколько все запущено.
Боль - моя путеводная нить.

Автор:  SAVITAR [ 09 окт 2018, 14:47 ]
Заголовок сообщения:  Re: Exploration

Observed for reactions of my feelings and parts of consciousness. Was wondered.

I coped with strong fatigue and now i can control my state of consciousness in complicated states more better than before.

I feel that some new way have been started to be pictured somehow otherwise.

Автор:  SAVITAR [ 11 окт 2018, 14:04 ]
Заголовок сообщения:  Re: Exploration

I wonder, in fact, all process of life is only dying. Nothing else. All expectations will have been finished in the grave. Even beliefs to posthumous life can be only dreams.

Because, this yoga, way in which doesn't exist warranty for successful result, it is real necessarily.

That's possibility to get failure, it is stymul, real kick from destiny to do something like in latest time.

lost of time with one side can't exist for consciousness, but there is, while mind is growing up.

Today, i had conversation with sun. This fire circle can be speaking.

Feeling uplifting of energy from low areas of consciousness. Its nice that these parts become more lightning.

In result of movement consciousness up from place of body where i felt pain, now i feel there space and silence in local mind.

This method is working, absolutely. Dependance from food is most hard issue for me in general. I can do nothing with it, because body wants it and any methods or position of consciousness dont change this attitude. As if there is smth that was frightened in past and now remember it and dreads to loss it. Strange situation.

Tend to be it is action of mind is very shining, as if it is became center of light and cognition. Indeed, it's nice.

Difficulty stays in some parts of vital life and somewhere in mind which is tied somehow with vital mind. Quite possible, problem can be lying in common environment.

Автор:  SAVITAR [ 13 окт 2018, 14:05 ]
Заголовок сообщения:  Re: Exploration

All implements for exploring was annulated. Why? Because i found in consciousness that what always was unopened.

Now i can say how to do this. All is simple,.. almost of course. The implementing of passing out of consciousness on new level or some unknown quality base on only one condition and state. Its SAT or feeling of space beyound percieving of life.

When consciousness starts to discover to attention and cognition of curious mind then become possible to try on a taste of sounds, things and so on.

Any condition in outer world is ideal situation for that type of consciousness where to be able to be higher feeling of time. I mean these instants of mind when mind has ability to become a free. And this come and in crowded bus and empty quiet room the same always.

In certain moments i feel a lack of words in order to express of my real feelings that what it befalls right now. Everythings is very simple and so thin that unpossible to transmit it by means of some text. It requires of some efforts, some state of mind for expression and further i predict only complication that situation.

i came across on certain things absolutely occasionally without preliminary aim. I think not sense to implore God or Destiny to change the flow of occasions of our life, because it can give only degradation of situation. Right now and always , all things are in ideal state relatavily itself.

Needing to be relying on state in self how state beyond the flow of time. Its key practically. And this requires practice every day and possible instant. I try.

First impressions were shocking. How to live, how to arrange my life, how move on? I didn't have answers and i am not sure in it finally. But further and now i see how to get it right now and IT discover itself in that what is usual for mind and initial. Initial, basic things are that things for exploration there, where they are. Once, it wil be clear.

The attaining of state of SAT in usual and dynamic life is method , way and aim. Nothing more, only it. If speak in indian style then will be sound so - Dynamic Brahman.

I engage it and this the one worthy thing in my life. Cope with self only so. Discover and explore.

Автор:  andryko [ 15 окт 2018, 10:18 ]
Заголовок сообщения:  Re: Exploration

SAVITAR писал(а):
The attaining of state of SAT in usual and dynamic life is method , way and aim. Nothing more, only it. If speak in indian style then will be sound so - Dynamic Brahman.

Автор:  SAVITAR [ 16 окт 2018, 16:32 ]
Заголовок сообщения:  Re: Exploration

I have a feeling that i am in some movie. Smth that is very similar on situation in cinema known as Matrix. As if i am awakening mind in some sense of around sleep people.

Strange is that that exists two positions simultaneously and i move between them. Force descends like smth undepend from these positions. Actually, some connection exists in all of it, but this element lives beyond my will and it just is.

Weird cosmic order doesnt depend on my viewpoint on it. Its as fact which is around and into us.

Sometimes i feel waves of weakness and riot which have of outer origin and come how obstacles, but consist hidden abilities in himself. Recently, i was undergone by fit of gluttony, without some sense or need, just so. It was shape of indicator on getting of especial rhythm and order in that level of body.And approximately so come up all movements and also perceived by consciousness.

When i follow my sat-state, i get ideal result aptly, if i hesitate between one from both i get state where obscurity is basic nature, some mixing.

Attitude to personality must be only one, it is only interface as result communication between feelings coming in from objects and that what is attention without center. Something else is habit and ancient code which we bring across centuries of lost lifes.

Yoga is absolutely cruel thing regarding of us, because our childish expectations about her is foolish and selfish fully with start and up to final.

Nothing hopeness on something kind, because world around us always is without human emotions. His main emotion is delight and all. Only this thing hidden for all things everywhere. And this delight amid all things, shapes, sounds, thoughts and so on is alfa and omega, nothing more. Cruel game for our human sight.

I forced to take death how smth that is part of this game. Its state which is while unavailable for me and them who are alive. But anyway, it will come.

Ability to see different humans like colorful siluets is returned up. Now, its a bit not so how was before. Now, its like siluet which is spilled over to outer things. Every man ties with other things around him more strongly than he can be thinking. And because i can insist that sat-state is necessary for moving ahead.

Wondering observing about what is God in this game. His name not only Silence and Peace, but and Delight.

His smile as If spilled among all around, beyond some shapes, but and in them.

Dynamic basis of Universe is root of all things. Sat is substance.

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